Robot Interaction and Manipulation Lab School of Information Science and Technology, ShanghaiTech University

Welcome to the Robot Interaction and Manipulation Lab! Our mission is to develop new technologies focused on enhancing robot interactions with environments and human beings.

Our research interests include but are not limited to:

🖐️ Tactile sensing and manipulation. Imagine robots that can feel, touch, and manipulate objects with the same dexterity as humans. We are making it happen through the development of robot tactile sensors and advanced manipulation techniques. This also enables robot to learn safe human-robot interaction skills.

🧠 Motion planning. Robots need to “think” about the most suitable motions for completing tasks effectively and efficiently. We leverage the power of machine learning and optimal control algorithms to teach robots to make decisions that facilitate tactile exploration, object manipulation, obstacle avoidance, and more.

🌐 Human-robot interaction. We explore ways to help robots collaborate with human. We are working on teleoperation systems, which allowing experts to control robots for accomplishing complex tasks from afar.

Openings: We are seeking full-time Research Assistants, Research Associates, and PostDocs. If you are passionate to work with us, please email your resume to xiaochx[at]